Gili Islands and Lombok

Gili Air Gili Air is, out of the three Gili islands, the island closest to Lombok, and it is also the most populated island with 1800 inhabitants (1000 all year residents). Internet is available at any of the island’s internet cafés, this is also where you can make phone calls and buy phone cards. A number of restaurants on the island also provide WiFi. Most of the hotels and restaurants on the island do not accept credit cards, but cash withdrawals are available at the ATM. We recommend that you bring some cash, as the ATM sometimes runs out of money. It is also possible to withdraw money at some of the restaurants, or at the internet cafés for an extra 6% service fee. Should you to fall ill during your stay there is a small clinic on Gili Air and a number of hospitals on Lombok.

Gili Islands The Gili Islands consists of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. The islands are completely free from motorized vehicles, which means that the means of transportation are horse carts, bicycle, or walking. Most locals live off tourists, and the majority of restaurants and hotels on the islands are owned by locals. However, more and more foreigners are establishing businesses on the islands. The white beaches, coral reefs and the clear, blue water draws many tourists interested in diving, and other water related sport activities.

Lombok Lombok belongs to the Nusa Tenggara region. It has a population of about 1 million, where 90% of the population belongs to the native Sasak people. The main religion of Lombok is Islam. Compared to Bali, Lombok is still pretty untouched, but it is up-and-coming. Bangsal Harbor is situated on Lombok’s west coast and is a junction between Lombok and the Gilis. Mataram is the lagest city on Lombok, this is where you find the markets, the malls and the hospitals. A new international airport opened up in Lombok in November 2011 and it is situated on the south side of the island.

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